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Automatic capture of identity documents. Chip-based document verification. Facial biometric matching. Smile and acoustic face liveness detection. SDKs and real-time APIs. Powered by airport grade technology, EYN, is the new standard for identity verification.

Capture identity document with a snap

Just place the identity document in front of the camera and automatic capture is performed. This ensures a good quality photo is taken. Furthermore, different information is extracted for document verification.

Verify documents with the highest security and accuracy ever

Place the phone on top of the identity document. Using Near Field Communication technology, EYN communicates with the document chip and verify its authenticity. Chip-based document verification is the fastest, most secure way of verifying an identity document in the world. And it's 100% accurate.

Identify users

Match the user's unique facial characteristics to the presented document by comparing their selfie to the facial biometry from the ID. Furthermore, EYN performs a liveness detection test to make sure the user is not using a spoofed face, like a photo or a video.

Use for face to face ID checks or integrate into your flow for remote verification

Android app

In case of a face to face verification, EYN can be used as an Android app that can be downloaded from Google Play store.

Android SDK

Java-based Android SDK to call EYN's flow inside your mobile application. This is currently in beta stage.

iOS SDK (Coming soon)

Swift based iOS SDK to call EYN's flow inside your mobile application. This will be coming soon.


Access all your user's information and the different types of checks via a REST API. The response includes data such as document checks, biometric checks and captured images. Full documentation can be found here.

Powered by airport grade technology

EYN laverages state of the art cryptogrpaghy, the latest advances in computer vision and signal processing to check documents and verify idenities.

Chip based document verification

EYN verify identity documents by cryptographically validating the digital signature embedded in the chip. This is the same technology used in airport e-gates and it's 100% accurate.

Face liveness detection (beta).

We use patented Machine Learning algorithms to detect whether we have a live person in front of us or a 2D photograph of a face. Check our technology section to learn more.

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We support documents from around the world

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does EYN's chip based document verification work on iPhone?

Yes! Apple has announced during WWDC 2019 that it's now supporting scanning RFID tags like the one embedded in electronic documents. It's available on devices supporting iOS 13.0+. Chip-based document verification will be available on EYN on Q4 2019.

How EYN verifies non-chipped documents?

Non chipped documents contains other visual characteristics that can be checked. This includes things like holograms, fonts, colours and security features. These characteristics are visually reviewed via EYN’s platform to ensure that a document is authentic. Even though this is not as accurate and secure as the chip-based approach, this is the best that can be done to check non-chipped documents.

Can I use EYN as a standalone mobile app?

Yes. For the cases of face-to-face verification, EYN can be used as a separate app to verify identities. We provide an Android app that you can find here.

What is the average time of an EYN verification?

For chipped documents and successful biometric checks, the verification is real-time and fully automated. For non-chipped documents, the verification needs to go through an approval flow if necessary. That usually takes minutes.

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