How EYN can help you

On-board verified users in real time

EYN is an end-to-end solution that helps you automates up to 70% of ID checks with airport grade accuracy for mobile platforms. An EYN check does not take more than one minute to complete.

Reduce risk and increase trust

Make sure your users are the one who they say they are. Stop fraudulent users accessing your service and keep a high level of compliance and trust.

Save operational costs

With over 70% of ID checks that are automated and performed in real time, EYN can help your orgonisation save significant operational costs.

Document check technology

Automated visual checks

Most identity documents contain a machine-readable (MRZ) zone which encodes most of the information on an identity document like date of birth and expiry date. EYN automatically extracts the data from the MRZ and match its validity. This makes sure that the data has not been tampered and replaced..

Chip check

Electronic identity documents contain an embedded chip that encodes all the information that you see on the front page of an ID such as name, date of birth and the facial photo. Using NFC technology on smartphones, EYN checks the authenticity of the document by electronically reading and verifying the electronic chip. A chip check is the most accurate and secure check that can be performed on an ID, the same as in the airport.

Image tampering check

One of the most known fraud techniques is the replacement of the image on the front page of an ID to grab the identity of someone else. EYN compares the face extracted from the chip to the one on the front page of the ID to make sure that the person has not used his face to pretend to be someone else.

Combined with state of the art face biometrics

Proof of belonging

To make sure that the provided ID belongs to the user, EYN compares the unique facial characteristics of the user, from a selfie, to the face on the identity document. EYN's algorithm is 98% accurate.

Liveness detection (Beta)

During the selfie capture, fraudulent can present a face copy of another person in the form of a photo or a video. EYN performs a liveness detection test to make sure the captured face is live and not a replica by tracking the facial expression of the user.

Accessible on mobile and web platforms


Access EYN's document and face checks technology via a simple web API. Integrating EYN's API should not take you more than a couple of lines of code.

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Mobile app and SDKs

If you would like to integrate EYN's flow into your mobile app to verify your users, contact us for mobile SDKs both on Android and iOS. You can use EYN's standalone mobile application as well.

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All securely stored

Web based dashboard

Extracted data, document checks, biometric checks and verification results are securely stored in the cloud and instantly accessible via a simple web dashboard for review or to export in a report.

Reporting and analytics

Access detailed information about the different checks performed and see how many passed, failed and much more.

We support documents from around the world

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does EYN's chip based document verification work on iPhone?

Yes. Apple has announced during WWDC 2019 that it's now supporting scanning RFID tags like the one embedded in electronic documents. It's available on devices supporting iOS 13.0+.

How EYN verifies non-chipped documents?

Non chipped documents contains other visual characteristics that can be checked. This includes things like holograms, fonts, colours and security features. These characteristics are visually reviewed via EYN’s platform to ensure that a document is authentic. Even though this is not as accurate and secure as the chip-based approach, this is the best that can be done to check non-chipped documents.

Can I use EYN as a standalone mobile app?

Yes. For the cases of face-to-face verification, EYN can be used as a separate app to verify identities. We provide an Android app that you can find here.

What is the average time of an EYN verification?

For chipped documents and successful biometric checks, the verification is real-time and fully automated. For non-chipped documents, the verification needs to go through an approval flow if necessary. That usually takes minutes.

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