Meet Eagle-ID,
fast and easy ID checks for mobiles and web platforms.

As simple as taking a picture.

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A couple of clicks for your users.

Only three simple steps to complete a user’s identity verification:

Select the type of document to scan.

Take a picture of the identity document.

Take a selfie.

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A couple of lines of code for your developers.

Integrate Eagle-ID easily into your web or mobile application:

API integration
Upload ID pictures and selfie to EYN's restful API and receive a verification result within 20 seconds.

iFrame integration
Insert a code snippet into your web application and Eagle-ID will do the job for you.

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All the services you need for ID checks in one single platform.

Data extraction
EYN's AI algorithms automatically read and extract information such as name, date of birth, and expiry date from ID images

Document checks
EYN performs a data validity check on the extracted information to assert data integrity and detect potential document manipulations.

Face match
To prove a users’ identity claims, EYN performs face matching between the identity document and the selfie.

View detailed identity check reports of all your users on a single dashboard.

Why people choose EYN?

We have been working on this product for more than three years closely with product managers, compliance, and IT directors to bring you an easy and fast ID check service.

An amazing user experience.

Eagle-ID takes less than 2 minutes for your users to complete. They simply upload an image of their ID and take a selfie.

Simple for your developers.

Eagle-ID’s API can be integrated within hours to maximum a few days if you build your front end.


Eagle-ID is a 100% automated software solution. It scales automatically according to your demand.

Time saver.

The average time for an ID check response is 25 seconds. This will help you save operations costs of manual ID checks.

What people are saying about Eagle-ID?

We have used EYN’s ID check API to add document checking to our candidate portals. We have found it very helpful to have EYN checking the documents and extracting the data for us. We have automated the outputs into our CRM so that our business can see them. During the Covid-19 outbreak this has been particularly helpful and a belt-and-braces approach to ID checking for us. Implementing the API was a dream. Documentation is great and it’s very easily to integrate. EYN’s dev team were really helpful and answered all our questions really quickly. Our end clients and users are saying that we couldn’t do without it now!

John Parkinson, Group CIO, HR GO

Some of the companies that use Eagle-ID

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£ 400

Billed monthly

500 ID checks/month
Data extraction from ICAO specific documents
Data validity document checks with MRZ
Face match between selfie and the idenity document
API access
iFrame integration into your web app
10 dashboard users
Cost per extra check: £0.80


£ 900

Billed monthly

1,500 ID checks/month
Data extraction from ICAO specific documents
Data validity document checks with MRZ
Face match between selfie and the idenity document
API access
iFrame integration into your web app
100 dashboard users
2 days developer support
Cost per extra check: £0.60

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Eagle-ID detect fake documents?

Among the different types of document forgery, Eagle-ID can detect data manipulation forgery. That is if a user manipulates the MRZ data on the document Eagle-ID detects and flags it.

Does Eagle-ID connect with any government database?

For certain types of documents, Eagle-ID communicates with some government online services to extract additional information. For example, for British biometric residence permits, you will receive the remarks associated with the document alongside the API response.

Is Eagle-ID a fully automated system?

Yes, Eagle-ID is a 100% software solution with an automated response. We do not rely on any human intervention for checking documents.

What documents do you support?

We support all ICAO specific documents such as passports, ID cards, visas and biometric residence permits.

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