Imposters use replica of faces to impersonate a victim’s identity.

One of the main challenges of digital identity verification or biometric authentication is detecting the physical presence of the genuine user when matching their face to their identity document. Imposters use different face spoofing techniques to impersonate someone else’s biometric identity.

Digital replicas.

Imposters may use photos, manipulated or computer-generated videos of the victim’s face to impersonate their identity.

Physical replicas.

Imposters may use face photos from identity documents or printed photos of the victim’s face.

Watch a demo of how LiveProof is detecting genuine users using acoustic sound waves.

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Smart, innovative and simple

  Using audio information.

LiveProof analyses the echos that interaced with a 3D face or a flat surface to determine the genuine presence of a user. Just like a bat!

  Mobile friendly.

All you need to run LiveProof is a mobile phone. No need for special hardware or access to the most recent phones.

  Patented technology.

LiveProof's audio based face liveness detection technique is protected by multiple patents filed in the UK, USA and EU.

Integrate LiveProof into your mobile platform with a couple lines of code

Mobile SDK calls LiveProof video and sound capture modules, communicates with a backend inference endpoint and output liveness score results in a JSON frormat.

  Android SDK

Kotlin based SDK.


Swift based SDK.

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