Frequently Asked Questions

Right To Work

What do I do if the candidate does not have a document with a chip?

Our Right To Work application supports non-biometric identity documents. Take a picture of the front and back of the document, then when asked if you can see the chip symbol tap the No button and continue with the selfie / taking a photograph of the candidate. You will still see a report of the Right To Work check in your dashboard, as well as pictures of the identity document and the photograph of the candidate. Our application will also verify that the MRZ code on the identity document is valid and automatically retrieve the document's details.

What if a candidate presents a birth certificate?

When selecting the document type tap Other and type in the birth certificate's details. Unfortunately a birth certificate does not have a chip so we can't retrieve information digitally. You will still be able to take a picture of the document and access it later in the dashboard.

How do I search for a specific Right To Work check?

If you would like to search for a particular candidate's Right To Work check, go to the dashboard and type the candidate's name in the Search Bar. Filtered results will appear on the left sidebar. If you can't find the candidate's name you are looking for please make sure that this is a candidate you have personally checked. Only administrator users can see all checks across your organization.

Can you detect fake documents?

Yes. We use electronic document verification to detect fake identity documents. Our app uses NFC technology to communicate with the document’s chip thus ensuring that the document is legitimate. You can see the MRZ check and chip check results in the Document Check of the dashboard.

Why do you need to take a picture of the candidate?

Our application compares the candidate you have in front of you with the reference photograph stored in the identity document's chip. Using advanced algorithms, we are able to tell if you have the right person in front of you. The Facial Similarity section of the dashboard provides the results of this check. When the candidate matches the reference photo, you should see a green checkmark in this line and a high similarity percentage score. Please ensure that the candidate is not wearing glasses, hats or any other accessories that may influence this check.

How does the flagging system works?

Eyn's platform provides three types of flags. Green, Orange, and Red.
A green flag means that all the document checks and biometric checks have successfully passed and the candidate has the right to work.
An orange flag means that the candidate has the right to work, but some further checks are advised but not necessary. An orange flag is raised in the following scenarios:

  • The identity document does not contain a chip. In case the document is not biometric, Eyn's platform performs an MRZ check on the document but not a chip check. Even though an MRZ check is sufficient enough to establish a statutory excuse, we advise double checking the document in case something very malicious appears.
  • In case there is no match between the candidate unique facial characteristics and the provided document, we recommend double checking if the person presenting the document is the one he claims to be.
  • In case the candidate present a biometric residence permit, the document can contain working restrictions which we advise to check
A red flag means that the candidate does not have the right to work.


Do you have an iPhone Right To Work application?

Yes. You can download the iOS version of our Right To Work application here.

What browsers do you support?

We highly recommend using the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox or Safari browsers when accessing the dashboard. Our support for Microsoft Edge or Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 is limited - the dashboard currently works fine on these browsers however your experience will be much better if you use a web browser that supports modern technologies

Are you compliant with Home Office regulation?

Yes! Our Right To Work report can be used for audit purposes and is fully compliant with Home Office regulation as a statutory excuse.

What Android devices do you recommend?

We recommend using one of these devices that has been tested extensively by our tech team:

  • Samsung S8
  • Samsung A5
  • Samsung J3
  • Google Pixel 2
  • Google Pixel
  • OnePlus 5
  • Huawei P10