How to automatically find duplicated enrolments and archive them

ⓘ Disclaimer: This flow is only available for admin users.

Login screenshot

Step 1. Log in to your account at our Web dashboard

  • For Staffline users, click here to visit our web dashboard page and use your single-sign on credentials to log in.
  • For all other users, click here to visit our web dashboard.
  • Click the blue Sign In with Magic Link button.
  • Enter your work email and select OK to receive a magic link.
  • Check your emails. You will shortly receive an email with a link to sign you in.

Dashboard screenshot

Step 2. Select Sites on the menu on your left

  • Once logged in, on the menu on your left click the item Sites.
  • Alternatively, click here to access the Sites tab of our Web Dashboard.

Sites screenshot

Step 3. Choose a site from the dropdown menu and click on the Find Duplicates icon

  • On the top menu you should see a drop down menu titled Choose your site.
  • Scroll and click or type your Site Name.
  • Once the list has updated, click the Find Duplicates People icon icon.
  • Wait until the duplicates list have been loaded. This may take a few minutes.

Duplicates List screenshot

Step 4. Review the list and select duplicates

  • If duplicates are found, you are presented with a list of duplicated enrolments.
  • Entries in orange are already archived enrolments (you don't need to do anything with those).
  • Entries change to blue if you click on the row (in order to remember which enrolments you've already reviewed).
  • If you see a new duplicated enrolment, click on the entry row --- this will open the specific enrolment in a new tab.

Archive screenshot

Step 5. Archive selected enrolments

  • In case you have found a duplicated enrolment that you want to archive simply click the Archive button.
  • You can then go back to your list and review if there are more duplicates of the same person or other duplicated enrolments.