How to do Right To Work checks

Register account screenshot

Step 1. Select the document type

  • open the EYN Right To Work application,
  • select the document type (National identity, Passport, Resident Permit)

Register account screenshot

Step 2. Take a picture of the front and back of the document

  • Point the camera view to the front side of the identity document and make sure the whole document is clearly visible. Align the edges of the document to the square shown on the camera view.
  • If you are using the Android app: The mobile device will beep and the picture will be automatically captured.
  • If you are using the iOS app: Press the camera capture button and the picture will be sent to EYN's server for processing.
  • Next, do the same for the back side of the document.

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Step 3. Check if the document has a Biometric chip

  • If the document has the biometric symbol, tap the Yes button and then the Continue button
  • If the document does not have a chip, tap the No button

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Step 4. If there is a chip: place the phone on the document to read it

  • If you tapped Yes, place the phone on the identity document and wait a couple of seconds to read the chip information
  • You should see a progress indicator like the picture above. This means that the chip information is being downloaded
  • Once the chip is read, you should see the identity information appear on screen. Tap Next to continue.

Download app screenshot

Step 5. Take a picture

  • tap the Take Selfie button
  • Point the camera view to the worker's face and tap the button to take a picture.
  • When there is a face inside the camera view the button should turn green
  • The room/face needs to be well lit and the background should be as plain as possible

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Step 6. Finish or attach additional documents to the check

  • The RTW check is complete! You should see a checkmark icon. An exclamation mark as in the picture above appears when there are remarks.
  • You can choose to upload extra documents to the RTW check or finish the process. Note that this step is optional.
  • Examples of additional documents may be: a photograph of driving licence, a letter from a University if the candidate is a student, a National Insurance number confirmation from HMRC etc

additional documents

Step 7. (Optional) How to attach additional documents

  • If you choose to add extra documents, you will then have the option to take additional photographs
  • Simply click the Add Image button and take a photo of each document you would like to attach.
  • For each document select the document type.
  • Once you are done, tap the Done button.
  • Additional documents can be found in the dashboard under the Candidate & Document Images section.

Download app screenshot

Step 8. Visit the dashboard to see the results

  • Using any web browser go to the Right To Work section of the dashboard to see the results
  • You can use the search bar to search for a specific name
  • The Document Checks section shows all identity document information that was retrieved during the check

Download app screenshot

Step 9. Print or export a PDF report (optional)

  • Click on the Document Images tab to view the captured identity document images, selfie and date/time the check was performed.
  • Click the Print Report button to generate a PDF report of the candidate right to work check. This report can be used for audit purposes and is fully compliant with Home Office regulation as a statutory excuse.
  • Note that the last check done appears first on the names list. The exact timestap that the check was performed appears on the on the Document Images tab.


Right To Work demo video

Click the image below to watch a short video demonstrating the Right To Work application.

watch a video