How to use Paper mode

Paper mode button

Step 1: Tap the Paper mode icon

  • Tap the Paper mode icon on the top right corner of the EYN app to enable the Paper mode.
  • You will immediately see a notification that Paper mode is enabled.

Press Menu button

Step 2: Take a picture of the photocopied document

  • Proceed to take a picture of the photocopied document.
  • If it is an identity card or a Biometric Residence Permit take a picture of the front and back of the document, exactly like you would do when using the EYN app in normal mode.

Tap on Storage

Step 3. Visit the dashboard to see the result of the check

  • While on Paper mode, the photograph/selfie step is omitted since we don't have the candidate in front of us.
  • Our app reads the MRZ code of the photocopied identity document, checks that the MRZ code is valid and extracts all identity information.
  • As always, visit the EYN dashboard to see the Right To Work result: