Tips on Reading Documents

Align MRZ

Tips on taking photographs of the identity document

  • The camera's viewfinder has three lines filled with the <<<<<<<<< symbol.
  • Try to align these lines with the actual document's MRZ code.
  • Ideally place the identity document on a flat surface like a desk, then with your other hand move the phone until the MRZ code 'sits' on top of the three lines in the viewfinder.
  • The MRZ is a two or three lines code. It is usually at the bottom of the identity page at the beginning of a passport or the back side of an identity document.

Avoid glare

Avoid glare on the MRZ code

  • If there is glare on the MRZ document, the picture will no be processed succesfully.
  • Move the document to a position where there isn't bright direct light falling on the MRZ code.
  • If necessary, cover the document with your body.

Reading the chip

Tips when reading the digital chip

  • Remove any external phone cases as these will prevent the app from reading the chip
  • Place the identity document on a flat surface.
  • Then start from the top of the document and move the phone downwards until the chip reading starts - you will see the progress indicator move.
  • Most passports have the chip in the middle of the document but if you move the phone in a downward sweeping manner you will easily find the chip.
  • Usually scanning the front side works fine. If not, follow the same same technique on the back of the document.
  • Avoid placing the document on a metal surface as this may interfere with the reading process.