Step 1: Verify documents

Simply tap the identity document on any smartphone to instantly verify its authenticity.


Check identity documents by electronically verifying the chip and the MRZ. Know immediately when a document is valid.

Time saver

Check identity documents in less than 1 minute.

Easy to deploy

Use any standard Android smartphone and our mobile application to perform RTW checks in minutes.

Step 2: Identify candidates

Take a picture of the candidate. Our app uses advanced machine learning algorithms to compares the candidate's unique facial biometry with the reference photograph from the identity document.

Real-time Right To Work results

All identity information and pictures are conveniently stored in secure cloud, accessible with any web browser from anywhere.


Access all RTW checks under one dashboard in real-time, search candidates, export or print all information and images.


Built-in API. Easily integrate with other software & systems.


Peace of mind

Be confident that every single candidate has the right to work and avoid having significant fines from the Home Office. EYN's right to work reports are fully compliant with Home Office regulations. EYN is also part of the association of document validation professionals ADVP.

Save admin time

Save countless hours of photocopying identity documents and manual checks . Get access to compliant right to work reports within seconds.

Dead simple set-up

It's super easy to start using EYN. You just need to download EYN's mobile application or integrate EYN's flow into your mobile application via an SDK and you are ready to go!

Plays well with other systems

Our cloud solution has an API built-in. Easily export your data or connect with other software & systems with a few lines of code.

Designed to save time

Unique features

Our solution is specifically designed to solve common challenges of temporary staffing companies.

Driving License information

Take simple a picture of a candidate's driving license and our app will fetch all relevant information, like vehicle categories he/she is allowed to drive, expiry dates of each category, penalty points or disqualifications etc. This information is available to view in the dashboard together with the rest of the RTW check results.

Biometric Residence Permit Remarks

A BRP (Biometric Residence Permit) document often comes with Remarks that impose restrictions on the type of work that person is allowed to do. EYN can retreive the remarks on your behalf by accessing the Home Office online service. This usually done within seconds.

Additional Documents

Attach multiple additional documents to a RTW check by simply taking pictures of them. This can be a photograph of driving licence, a letter from University verifying that a candidate is a student, a letter from HMRC verifying a candidate's National Insurance number or anything else that is relevant to the candidate's check and needs to be safely stored for compliance purposes. The extra documents are uploaded in parallel and appear immediately in the dashboard.