Image based document reading

Identity documents contain information like name, date of birth, expiry date, document number and much more. EYN's deep learning algorithm automatically extract this information and return the data in a structured format. Try out the API, upload an identity document picture and get a structured text in under 2 sec.

Acoustic face liveness detection

Our patented technology can detect whether someone is trying to impersonate someone else’s identity by presenting a falsified biometric face in the form or a 2D face photograph or a replay video. The face liveness detection is achieved by projecting imperceptible ultrasound signals via the phone speaker. Based on the reflected audio and video signals, we can detect whether it’s a live person’s face or spoof (photo or video replay).

3 Patents filed in the UK, USA and EU
1) Method and apparatus for detecting the live human face leveraging passive response of human visual system [GB1703664.1,EP18160570.0,US 15913921]
2) Biometric Aliveness Detection and Localization – Ultrasound approach [GB1713469.3,EP18190068.9,US 16108183]
3) Biometric Aliveness Detection and Localization – Ultrasound and Video Analysis Approach [GB1713471.9,EP18190068.9,US 16108183]

Device agnostic

Our technology works on any standard smartphone and does not require additional hardware.

Chip based document verification

Electronic identity documents contain a chip that encodes all the information about the associated person. These information are digitally signed and encrypted.Using near field communication, EYN laverages the power of crytography to verify the authenticity and validity of identity documents by electrnically communicating and authenticating with the chip.