Verify ID documents in real time with border grade security

Contrary to traditional image-based document verification techniques, Verifast verifies ID document's authenticity cryptographically by reading and validating the embedded chip. It's the fastest and most secure way of verifying identity documents that exist.

Hyper accurate data extraction.

Compared to OCR-only methods, which are error prone, VeriFast extracts data from the embedded document chip digitally. Such technique ensures the integrity and validity of the extracted data.

Tamper proof.

To guarantee the most accurate and secure way to verify the authenticity of an identity document, VeriFast performs a cryptographic document check on the embedded chip of the ID. Through this process we can guarantee data integrity and detect potential illegitimate manipulations.


No need to wait for a manual document check. Users verify their ID documents within minutes.


Verifying an identity document with VeriFast is as easy as contactless payment.

Completed within a couple of clicks

Only four simple steps to complete a user’s identity verification

Select the type of document to scan.

Place the document in front of the camera for an automatic capture.

Place the phone on top of the ID to scan the embedded chip using NFC.

Take a photo of the user.

View reports on EYN’s dashboard and access via API

See all records of your identity checks in a single web based dashboard.

API integration
Access all report results such as document checks, face match, captured images and other extracted data via our API.

See API documentation >

All the services for automated ID checks for mobile platforms

 Document OCR.

Form an ID document image, Verifast automatically extracts information like name, date of birth and expiry date.

  Chip ID check.

VeriFast performs a cryptographic document check on the embedded chip of the ID using NFC.

  Face match.

To prove a users’ identity claims, a face matching between the identity document and a selfie is performed.

  Face liveness.

Coming soon. Passive face liveness detection with ultrasounds. Go to LiveProof page for more information.

Integrate into your mobile application or use as a standalone app

Why our customers love VeriFast? Here are some numbers:

 150k+ checks

VeriFast is powered by the latest cloud and mobile technology and scales on-demand without any availability issues.

  3 minutes to complete the whole flow

Performing an identity check with Verifast is as easy as taking a picture and a contactless payment tap --- the whole process takes on average 3 minutes minute.

  60% automation

VeriFast can verify a chipped document's authenticity in real-time with no need for manual intervention. The majority of VeriFast’s document checks are fully automated.

  99.9% true positive

Chipped documents are tough to forge and require powerful resources such as access to document printing machines. Such a robust technology makes verifying a document's authenticity almost foolproof. You can be reassured that receiving a true positive result from VeriFast is nearly 100% correct.

How is VeriFast ID check different?

  Tamper proof.

VeriFast only validates an identity document as genuine when the data inside the embedded chip of the identity document has been cryptographically validated. Such method provides a digital, tamper-proof that the holder was in procession of the genuine physical ID document during the verification process. Compared to visual, image-based approaches, chip document check has 99.99% true positive accuracy.


Most users are genuine users and they will get checked within seconds with VeriFast. Thanks to its chip reading technology, VeriFast provides you with true positive document checks within seconds. No need to wait for human visual inspection, upload multiple documents or manual input.

Don't take our words for it, here's what people are saying about VeriFast.

We engaged with EYN during our search for a digital ID check solution to improve the efficiency of our Right To Work and onboarding processes. We check between 2,000 and 4,000 new workers Right to Work every week, both the accuracy and security of EYN’s document verification powered by chip reading technology was a crucial factor for our consideration. We must ensure compliance of our ethical standards while also satisfying Government and GLAA regulation during the placement of up to 60,000 workers each day.

At Staffline, we have a rigorous compliance policy and the EYN ID check service successfully manages this task at scale through innovative and advanced technology. The process provides us accurate results within seconds!Facial recognition was also very important for us as it proves that our workers are who they say they are.

Overall, it was a pleasure working with the EYN team, from due diligence and commercial agreements to our 400+ site rollout. I would recommend the product and the team to any business looking for a secure a scalable ID check solution.

Chris Gleed, CTO at Staffline

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We support ICAO standardised documents

National identity cards
Biometric residence permits

Frequently Asked Questions

Can VeriFast detect fake documents?

Among the different types of document forgery, Verifast can detect data manipulation forgery. That is if a user manipulates the MRZ data on the document Verifast detects and flags it.

Can I integrate VeriFast in my mobile application?

Currently, we do not offer mobile SDKs to integrate VeriFast in mobile applications. VeriFast is only avaialble on Android. If you are interested about integrating VeriFast into your mobile application, please email us at

Is VeriFast a fully automated system?

Yes, VeriFast is a 100% software solution with an automated response. We do not rely on any human intervention for checking documents.

What documents do you support?

We support all ICAO specific documents such as passports, ID cards, visas and biometric residence permits.

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